Here you will find our favorite recipes and how we use our products. Let us know what you make!

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Back Porch Picnic

  • Cook and drain pasta of choice (best when al dente).Add 3 Tbsp olive oil,

  • 4 Tbsp Shahiya Chutney (I mix 1 Tbsp red with 3 green) 

  • 1/2 red onion, 2 tomatoes

  •  A few tablespoons cilantro to your empty pasta pot. Toss with pasta and a pinch of salt (I like coarse sea salt). Great dusted with a freshly grated hard cheese. Keeps amazingly well in the fridge for a couple days... Better on day two!


Scones, Coffee, Chutney

  • Queso fresco jalapeno scones

  • Eggs (over easy)

  • Red Chtuney


Corn Tortilla Shahiya Style

  • Chicken

  • Posted Sweet Potatoes

  • Kale slaw with watermelon radish and Shahiya green chutney

  • Cheese of choice

  • Corn tortilla or Fresh Pita Bread 


Soul Soup

  • Local Beef and veggies (Loon Organics) mixed perfectly with our Green Chutney in fresh and summery soup. 

  • You can also use noodles from Dumpling and Strand to round it out.